The Red Herring Story

The Red Herring is indeed a magical little wing. It was created by Harold Locke, a brilliant Seattle area designer, one of the true originators of the international conversion to launching HLG's by the wingtip,  and a good friend. For a while the Red Herring was offered as a kit from Adam Weston and his Thermal Gromit Works, who worked hard, gained a great reputation as a company, and gave the plane a great reputation as a kit. I helped out TGWorks informally, with improving instructions, helping with commercial material sources and being a general promoter and enthusiast. 


Harold Locke and I developed a unique new glider design together, the Seeker, which became the inspiration for starting Liftworx, but when I heard that TGWorks was ending Herring production, there was no doubt in my mind that the amazing Herring deserved a much longer life. There simply isn't anything that launches and flies like a Red HerringI got permission from both TGWorks and Harold to take over production and  I proudly include these improved and updated kits in the Liftworx line-up.



The  Liftworx  Red Herrings: (click here for Red Herring video) 2.7MB EPP Herring in gusty conditions at Gasworks Park, Seattle

RED HERRING:  this ultralight all-EPS  wing gets back to the roots of the original Red Herring design while including the latest airfoil updates from the original designer.The Liftworx kit also features a host of improvements, not the least of which is a complete re-write and re-illustration of the instructions. Because of its  remarkable lightness, and the pre-formed clear high-impact nose cap, this all - EPS plane is surprisingly durable , and incredibly light . People can't believe the speed range of this amazing little wing. It will penetrate more than you ever thought a  sub-five-ounce plane capable of, and yet it's able to fly and maneuver at slower speeds than most folks have ever seen from a flying wing. Light lift is essentially re-defined by the Red Herring.  Kit Price $59.00 


RED HERRING EPP: a tougher all EPP version that can still be built light enough to have a very impressive flat-field  wing tip launch, but also can attack some serious sloping or even mini-combat with a wide grin. It comes with both a lightweight carbon/balsa fin for those who  are keeping things as light as possible, and a carbon-coroplast tail for those who want all the slope-worthy ruggedness they can get their hands on. A heavy duty clear nose cap is also included in the EPP kit.  Kit Price $69.00


Red Herring  Spec's:

Wingspan:             34 in       (865mm)              

Wing Area:            290 in2      (18.7 dm2)

Weight:                  4.0-5.5 oz     (113-155g)       (EPP version5.5 - 7.5 oz.unballasted)

Wing Loading:       2.0-2.5 oz/ft2      (7.5gm/dm2)

Airfoil:                    RH-1  (recently updated)

Wing Covering:      1- mil (0.03mm) Ultralight clear adhesive covering tape  (full roll included in kit)                         


Radio:                      Minimum 2 channel with elevon mixing (programmable radio w/exponential strongly preferred)


Servos:                     Maxx Products MX-30 recommended, HS-50, etc. also compatible, heavier servos may be used in the EPP version if  low weight is not a primary goal. 


Receiver:                  FMAM5 micro rx for best range and frequency protectionin difficult/crowded radioenvironments, various other micro and sub-micro receivers are  also  compatible


Onboard Battery:      2 lithium CR2 camera cells wired in series, (slightly heavier CR-123 lithiums are a good choice for EPP version ) 110mAh NiCad battery pack, various other micro-battery solutions


Aircraft Design:        Harold Locke

Original Kit Design:  Adam Weston


Kit Re-design, 


and Illustrations:      Scobie Puchtler


Red Herring at Home, Gasworks Park, Seattle


The Red Herring is an innovative R/C glider that has gained a world-wide reputation for being the most versatile small flying wing ever created. With a wide speed range, incredibly tight handling, and unprecedented low wing loading, (the EPS version can be built at 2oz/sq. ft. or less!) it performs beautifully from thermal to slope. It was designed here in the Seattle area by one of the true originators of wingtip launching, Harold Locke. Its unique side arm launch offers impressive launch height, so even in no-lift conditions, a great flying session always awaits: whether gracefully searching for the tiniest lift phenomena, or flying wild aerobatics to a hand catch. Compact size, simple construction, and a Liftworx quality kit create the ultimate in portable, fun, hand-launched flying.


Kit Improvements: 

- CNC Hotwire cut wings for unprecedented wing core quality and total consistency

- Wings are cut in a single path for full leading edge profiling

- Enhanced fin design using select balsa, linear precured carbon fiber reinforcements, and carbon tailskid

- Laser cut elevon horns for precision, low servo load, and ease of control setup

- Fully removable pushrods with stainless secure-clip linkages at both ends  for easier building, adjustment, and repair

- Completely re-written and re-illustrated instructions

- High impact, pre-formed clear plastic nose cap for increased durability - trim to suit your building goals (weight vs. protection)


Pricing for Liftworx Items In Stock and Ready for Shipping: 

Red Herring: $59.00


Red Herring EPP: $69.00


MX-30 Servos: $26.00 each (2 required) 


FMA M5 receiver w/low profile channel crystal (all frequencies available): $66.50


1 pair CR-2 Lithium cells:  $10 (or six cells for $27) 

How to Order:

Just email with any questions and a list of the items you'd like to order. I'll send you back answers and a detailed PayPal invoice so that you can pay by major credit card.


If you'd like to use a check or money order, or if you want to pick up your order in person here in Seattle, just say so, and we'll efficiently work out the details. Calls are also welcome at 206-633-1206